Gain Insights To Strengthen Your Executive Benefits Plan

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Gain Insights To Strengthen Your Executive Benefits Plan

September 2020

COVID-19 has tested us all, including your executive team. Their strong leadership throughout this crisis, and as we look ahead to returning to work and rebuilding our communities and small businesses, makes them invaluable to your organization – and highly sought after by competitors. Find your vulnerabilities and close the gaps by implementing or evaluating your executive retention plans based on the data found in the 2020 NAFCU-Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey report.

Using Data to Guide Decisions

First introduced in 2007, the annual NAFCU-Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey provides insights that can help your leaders stay engaged and ready to tackle today’s challenges while remaining committed to the organization’s mission and vision. Commissioned by NAFCU, NAFCU Services Corporation and Gallagher, this report is the trusted source for comprehensive data on credit unions of all asset sizes coast-to-coast, including:

  • Total executive compensation by asset size
  • Structure of bonus plans
  • Types of nonqualified plans
  • Fringe benefits
  • Demographic profiles
  • Benefits for board volunteers

Stronger Together

The spirit of helping people is inherent in the makeup of credit unions – and that philosophy may never be needed more as consumers and small businesses affected by the pandemic rebuild. As a credit union partner, we are grateful for the hard work and efforts our members have shown these past months. We are also truly appreciative of the hundreds of credit unions who have invested their time to participate in the survey so that as an industry we can collectively make better decisions and face the future with confidence.

The survey report will be available September 15. If you would like to reserve a copy, are interested in a complimentary plan review, or would like to schedule an educational session for your executives, human resources team, and/or Board of Directors, please contact Liz Santos at .

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