Trends In Healthcare Executive Compensation And Benefits



Trends In Healthcare Executive Compensation And Benefits

January 2020

As a healthcare organization, your key executives and physicians are responsible for driving the success of your organization. Is your retention plan compelling enough to keep them in place? Are you working to motivate them and to recruit the next generation of leadership?

Best-in-class healthcare employers are looking to deliver executive compensation and benefit programs in new and innovative ways. Learn how the most successful organizations are creating and optimizing sustainable total rewards structures that address both the needs of the organization and their executive teams.

In this webinar, we will examine:

  • How organizations are structuring their total rewards strategy and programs in new ways
  • Trends and demographics in the C-Suite and the impact on total rewards
  • Salary and pay for performance trends
  • How organizations are looking at supplemental benefits
  • Strategies to mitigate the impact of the new excise tax

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Expert Presenter

Jim Nelson, Managing Director, Senior Advisor

Expert Presenter

Rich Brock, National Practice Leader, Executive Benefits