Kraig Klinkhammer

Chief Operating Officer and Investment Portfolio Manager

Kraig Klinkhamer is Chief Operating Officer, Executive Benefits,in the Financial & Retirement Services practice area within Gallagher’s Benefits and HR Consulting division. As Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for managing investment and portfolio strategy for Gallagher.

Kraig has more than 20 years of experience in executive benefits, asset management and various applications of life insurance andfinancial planning. He manages investment and portfolio strategy for Gallagher.

Kraig works closely with asset management firms, life insurance companies and other financial service organizations to ensure the firm’s principals and consultants have competitive solutions to meet unique client objectives. In addition, he is responsible for monitoring performance and diversification metrics of client impermissible investment portfolios and will recommend adjustments if necessary to keep them properly aligned with investment guidelines.

Prior to joining Gallagher, Kraig served as manager of the bankowned insurance portfolio for a large regional bank where he was responsible for the oversight of insurance investments exceeding $5 billion. In this role, he was also responsible for budgets, forecasted revenue/expenses, cash flow management, P&L impact, Sarbanes- Oxley/GAAP compliance and financial account procedures.

Kraig is a graduate from Portland State University in Oregon, where he received a Master of Science in Financial Analysis and Bachelor of Science in Finance- Law.

Kraig earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance-Law from Portland State University, Oregon and his Masters of Science in Financial Analysis from Portland State University, Oregon.